Help- I need information about fundraising, need answers, asked twice already :(?

Agh this is so annoying, 2 times i've asked this question, first got reported...go figure, second no conclusive answer, please let this be the last.
I can't find any info on the web as of yet. Or I wouldn't be asking.
I'm wanting to fundraise for my cat but what proof would i need to show people? would a vet's note do? She needs an exploritary biopsy to determine what's causing her to be ill. And I want to raise money.

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A vet's note would NOT be acceptable proof. You need to visit your local police station and explain to them what you intend to do. To legally raise funds for charity (which technically you are doing) you
MUST have a fund-raising licence, otherwise you could get in a LOT of trouble with the law.

Your local police station will be able to tell you where to get this license or they may have the necessary forms themselves. This varies by different countries, but what doesn't change is that you MUST have a license.

Hope this helps

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