What are the main rebuttals to the charge that advertising manipulates us to buy things that we don't need?

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The heart of the argument is "need". In all reality a person does not need 99% of the things we have. While advertising can persuade us to buy things we are the ultimate decision makers in our own lives. An excellent advertisement for chainsaws will not persuade me to buy a chainsaw because it does not fit with my current paradigm. However an excellent advertisement for a beautifully built swimming pool may persuade me to purchase now because in my current mindset it fits, even though i do not need it it makes me want it all the more.

the things that we are prompted to buy because of good advertising are things that fit with us anyway. we just may have not known it was available at a certain time, for a certain price or in a certain style that fits with our current paradigm.

a good way to market your things to people is


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