Successful fundraisers?

I am trying to raise money for my church so I want to have a fundraiser. I do not have a lot of money to start with either.. What would be a successful fundraiser for us? We live in a small town, with a small church.

If this is successful, I would also like to have another to raise money for things like the local Haven house or a soup kitchen, so any ideas would be amazing! Thanks.(:

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Chosen by Asker will definitely help you in fundraising. Create your campaign for the church and you will surely raise money.

1 year ago

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You can raise money by selling honey. There is a Christian fundraising company called "Humble Angel Honey" ( They sell honey in angel containers (kind of like honey bears, but then with an angel). So the concept is very Christian and it tells people what you stand for. You can make $5 with every honey bottle you sell. If you have every member of your youth group sell 5 or 10 to their family and friends, you can easily get that money together. Another way would be to sell it from house to house on a Saturday morning. I think you'll see it's a piece of cake. Oh, and there's no minimum order like with so many other fundraising companies. So, sounds like a winner to me!

by John - 1 year ago