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    Is Stubhub a safe and legit website to buy tickets from?

    I'm planning on buying tickets to a concert in July or August but i"m skeptical about stub hub, i don't want to be rejected at the door of the concert because of the tickets. What I dont get is how it works, I know Ticket Master is the most legit and preferred by most but when I went to their website looking up the tickets, It tells me that there is nothing left, but on Stubhub It claims to have 500 tickets for the same event, same day, same time. How can ticket master be out when stub hub says there are 500 or so tickets still left, and very cheap prices at that!? It just seems sketchy to me, making me believe I would be buying fake tickets from Stubhub. PLEASE HELP! Have any of you had issues with Stubhub recently?
    a year ago 1 Answer

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    I'm not sure how SH can guarantee that the tickets are authentic - only people like Ticketmaster can do that (they do that for events where they reissue tickets using their barcode technology - such as with the NFL Ticket Exchange with the NFL). You need to know what you're looking at - Ticketmaster is the "primary" seller of the tickets - so the first time they are made available to fans. That explains why they may be sold out. SH is a secondary seller (or a reseller of tickets which are listed by brokers or other ticket owners typically looking to a make a profit). I don't doubt that SH will give you a refund or perhaps another ticket if there is a problem (check google, there have been issues and some lawsuits), but not sure that is the hassle you want to go through instead of enjoying the show.
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