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    Marketing question: A flyer that doubles as an envelope or has a card holder on it somehow?

    I am launching my small business (errand running) and want to put up flyers around town. Unlike amateur flyers for room-mates or dog-walkers, I don't want those tearable-ends that people sometimes use, however I do want to include a takeaway, so people don't have to find their own way of remembering my phone number, website and email address. I want a professional way of having the flyer hold a little envelope for my business cards. I have googled incessantly but can't seem to find a ready made die-cut to follow for this. I have an idea of how I would do it myself, but I am a little sloppy when it comes to crafts so would appreciate if there is a professional guide I can follow.
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    I looked through card dispensers, too expansive, for a bullitin board posting, I would just form a pocket that's stapled or glued in place.
    3 years ago

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    • In theory, this sounds like a good idea. However, I can already "see" some kid (or jerk), just taking all your cards. They could even end up blowing all over the street. Maybe you can make the fringe idea more attractive? They DO work! If you want to make or buy little card holders to place in local businesses, that may work better. You can also hand out your card when you talk to people. Good luck with your business.

      by imgeminirising - 7 hours ago

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