Why wouldn't they want a customer?

I went to a tutoring center for a language class I was interested in on Wednesday. They were very welcoming and nice, their yelp reviews are excellent, and I signed a piece of paper with my email on it and everything.
They told me they'd email me back to let me know when I should come (the class would be Friday or Saturday, and it's Saturday morning)

I emailed them yesterday, thinking maybe they made a typo when writing my email address. I haven't gotten a response. And yes, I have checked my spam.

I wanted to take my parent to go see them today to talk about classes and prices (because obviously email isn't working out too great), but I don't want to come off as pushy or bitchy. Should I do that? What if for some reason they don't want me to come?

I really need to take those classes, and there are barely any other tutoring centers that offer this language that are close to my house.


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Don't worry about being pushy. If you need this class, keep calling until you get enrolled. Then go in person.

1 year ago