Are their any legitimate websites that pay you for taking surveys?

I've been searching around google but I'm not sure which sites are legit or not. Does anyone know of any websites that AREN'T scams and actually pay people?

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Forget the rubbish about making $100 a month! The majority of these sites are scams, you're more likely to lose money than make it.

1 year ago

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I kinda wish a millions bots spammed this question right now :)

Anyways, I have no clue about "legitimate" websites that pay you cash for services like that. I mean some websites run by stores allow you to fill out questionnaires for discounts etc. In the end is it really worth the risk? Haven't you noticed that if you just randomly give out your email address alone you would get flooded with spam? Do you feel it to be safe giving out full name, home address, and maybe even financial information? You may think that it won't be an issue but giving out information just puts you into risk you have no reason to be in.

If you're looking for quick cash go baby sit or mow lawns. Heck opening up a lemonade stand feels like it would be safer.

by Eji - 1 year ago