Pacific Tycoon. Scam or not?

I cannot find a website or even comment that has not been written by the company themselves.
There must be some people who have had a good or bad experience with them. Help please.

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Never heard of them but a good business would have been written up in the press, in trade journals, in business magazines and newspapers, etc. If you can't find anything online but their own posts that's a bad sign. if they were good you'd expect to find mentions of them in the business press like the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, New York Times, The Economist magazine, Business Week, etc

1 year ago

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If no one has heard of them it probably is a scam.
Good companies are well known.

by DR + Mrs Bears face - 1 year ago

The domain server does not resolve and is located in Hong Kong.
No, I would not recommend trusting them.

by ivxoxvi - 1 year ago