3-5 business days...?

if my package is being shipped out on a monday and it will be delivered in 3-5 business days, does it count monday as one of those days? making friday the 5th day, or would the following monday be the 5th business day?
so if it ships next monday it will be here in time for super bowl sunday?! @leadsbureau

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the following monday is the 5th day. Friday would be the 4th business day. Saturday isn't considered a business day. I dont know where the package is coming from and what city/town you are in, but the closer you are, the sooner you may get it. It may or may not get to you in time for super bowl


1 year ago

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If it shipped out on monday then it should be received on friday or saturday whether including or excluding Monday.

by Leadsbureau - 1 year ago

your ship reach for you may be Thursday or Friday.!!!


by Austin - 1 year ago

If your package does not arrive at least for 3 days then expect it to be receive on Monday next week. Saturday and Sunday are not considered business days so your package might have to wait for the weekends to end before it gets to your doorstep. If the package will not arrive in 3-5 days time then it should be the time you contact the USPS.

by Tina - 1 year ago