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    Can I back out of an agreement I signed yesterday with yelp?

    I signed a digital contract with an advertising salesperson from Yelp! After going online to check out what I'd bought into, I found there's too much negative press about it, and I don't really want to continue with it. If I've received no benefits, and haven't paid anything yet... Can I cancel it? Or will I still be charged a termination fee for ending the contract soon?
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    There are some buyer remorse laws for some type of purchases that allow quick cancellations without penalty but you have to act fast, I don't know about advertising contracts. From a lengthy article that paints the Positives and Negatives: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505124_162-57423392/when-yelp-advertisers-yelp-at-rates/ "In the contract that I've seen, they require you to sign a three to 12 month contract, which is unheard of for this type of advertising online. They you get into the AOL subscription model. Initially people are disappointed but you can't get out of the contract because they have steep cancellation fees, like cell phone carriers. By the time the contract comes up, you've probably forgotten you've even signed up for it. A lot of these subscription-based businesses keep going because no one pays attention to the bill." http://www.yelp.com/topic/rockville-yelp-is-a-scam-from-a-small-business-owner http://www.eastbayexpress.com/ebx/yelp-and-the-business-of-extortion-20/Content?oid=1176635 removing negative reviews for a fee? "refused their advertising and in 2 weeks all my reviews are gone" http://pixsym.com/blog/reputation-management/yelp-extortion-the-lawsuits-dismissed-are-they-back-at-it-in-2012 Be sure to screen capture a record of your current reviews as evidence in case they do remove positives and promote negatives in retaliation. FYI most internet advertising is either paid per impression or click with no contracts at all or payment for ad placements on a monthly basis.
    3 years ago

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