Designing a new car company?

Do you make a lot of money if you create a car company that specializes in super cars? The reason I ask is because I've been sketching out designs for super cars since I was 11 (I'm now 17). About a year ago I purchased a program on my computer to design them. If I continued on this path and I start a car company, could i make a lot of money if I'm as successful as Lamborghini or Ferrari?

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Yes, you could. A faster and less risky path would be to work as a car designer for an existing corporation. They hire people like you with talent and skill to develop new concepts for cars then produce them. You would still be paid very well and have no risk or need for a huge investment of your own money.

I suggest you contact a car manufacturing company and talk to them about the career opportunity they offer for concept designers. Find out what educational requirements they have for the position you want.

DO NOT show them any of your designs because you are not protected at this time from having them take and use your ideas. You need to research this industry and decide what path is best for you..... Good luck!

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Follow your dreams..educate yourself on this topic don't fold if thus is really what you can achieve.. Yes you could make alot of money selling $100,00 to $200,000 cars... It takes HARD WORK BUT its possible!!

by Joe Sace - 1 year ago