Can I advertise me eBay page on yahoo answers?

Is it illegal to post a link to my eBay page to get more customers?

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Caller one is correct --- it's against the rules --- but people do it.

You see those signs stapled to telephone poles all over the city --- advertising everything from
buildings for rent to pawn shops --- that's Guerilla advertising. It's against the law --- but it's a law that's not enforced until someone complains.

Instead of being blatant in your approach --- try asking a question like how can I improve my ebay listing of this Nikon 1 DSLR?

Another way would be to use the auction URL in answers.

What digital camera should I get?
What should I get my boyfriend for his birthday?

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It only violates Yahoo law prohibiting Solicitation or advertising (you can't be arrested though an account can be removed). It would be overrun with spam adverts including thousands at a time posted by robots.

Thanks for asking first.

by Jake - 1 year ago