If a business accepts "all competitor coupons" is it okay to use a coupon from across the country?

I live in Pittsburgh and I found a great haircut coupon to use but the salon is in Phoenix, Arizona.

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If the salon is in another state that would not be considered a competitor.Typically when a store mentions a competitor,they are referring to stores in the local market area. Your best bet would be to contact the salon directly or go to their website to see what restrictions apply for coupons.


1 year ago

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I highly doubt they would take it. Because its not like you would just go right out and buy it from the competitor seeing as how they are across the courtly.


by Ebaby - 1 year ago

They'd be within their rights not to accept it. A salon in Phoenix is NOT their *competitor* if they're in Pittsburgh.

by rtfm - 1 year ago

1) If the place isn't local then it is doubtful the term "competitor" would apply, since they aren't really in a position to be competition.

2) Usually those type of advertisements state restrictions and a definition on who they consider to be a competitor. So read the fine print or additional details.

by Rusty Plastic - 1 year ago