making a free website ?

I'm willing to try to earn some money online... I watched a lot of videos about how can i do it online,also a billion of fake promises. And at the end i decided that the best way is the hardest of course,to make my own website. So i was thinking about making a free website via google sites,or maybe a ppc site using google adwords,or even make a blog... so what do you guys think. What of those 3 is most worth it ?

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If you have no technical background you should just use a blog platform, Wordpress is pretty much the standard for small time internet marketers and Adsense content sites. Google's is free of paid upgrades, is a slightly limited free hosted version of the industry standard blog platform.

You could learn more about affiliate marketing, which has a higher revenue potential for a content site than Adsense, by following the conversations on .

Most people who try to make money on the internet fail, you would really have to approach it like starting a publishing business that has to out-shine the competition.

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There are several alternatives but I'll let one of them that I use to mount web sites, which to be a totally free service and also to obtain some money with them is

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