Would this be a good business idea?

I'm only 21 and a business student in college. I've thought of just getting into marketing, but I think it would be cool to actually start my own company. My idea is to start a cosmetics line where people can custom make their own foundation color, because as a girl it's really hard to find the right color for my skin. Also i want to have foundation specifically made for men, because my bf said when he would have zits as a teen he wished he had something to cover them up. Is this a possible venture or does it not make sense, like is it possible to blend colors to each their own skin tone or is that too complicated? I'm thinking maybe have some kind of computer program that detects the tones in someone's skin and chooses the right colors to mix or just have a store where people can come up with their own concoction of color.

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I think it is a GREAT IDEA! Please be considerate for Black people, include us too? Also think about the mixture, you know the allergies. Maybe you can hook up with an established company and they can help with the hypo stuff (sensitive skin). I like the idea, it is hard for me to get the natural color for my skin color. All Black peoples brown skin is not the same color. Good luck and do take it serious before the BIG corporations jump on it.

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It's fantastic.

by rodolfo l - 1 year ago

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by KK - 1 year ago

I think its a good idea that could be very popular. The start up costs of such a venture seem to be enormous though. The safety of cosmetics is going to be hugely important, as well as animal testing; consider how you would ensure products are hypoallergenic, especially if they're going to be marketed to people who already have spotty skin.

You also have to think about who would write that computer programme for you, how it would work, manufacture and packaging of your products, etc.

by HooBoo - 1 year ago