How to get traffic way for restaurant website?

hy gays i am new restaurant owner my restaurant website name: so every man suggest my restaurant traffic increase way................................................

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I would suggest you to promote your services locally. List your business on the UK based listing websites such as,, etc.

Also go for Google, Bing and Yahoo local business listing, it's free of course and definitely it will help you gain local business opportunities.

1 year ago

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You would be only interested in visitors within a car ride of your location, the other 99.9% of the web is unimportant. Local SEO is the term you probably want to focus on.

A free Google places page may be the single most important and easiest way to be found in local searches, try Googling: restaurants Swansea, Wales

The results with the A-G stick-pin symbols are places pages, not how just rolling over them bring up additional information on the right. Reviews on the local page and citations on the many other business directories, online phone books are said to raise the ranking of these results as does the ranking of the main business site, the length of time the local page has existed is another important ranking factor, so get it now. Always use the exact same address format in all listings so the are better matched to the local page. Yahoo and Bing have similar local pages , although they provide less traffic.

by Jake - 1 year ago

search in google map-(

by munna - 1 year ago

In your case website hits is no indication of your sites ability to bring in business. You need to get locally listed in bing yahoo and google local listings so you will be found by local searches.

Also I would highly recommend making your site mobile friendly so people driving past can view your menu opening time etc as they drive past.

by - 1 year ago