why do you pay tips to servies?

why do people pay tips to services and rely on your tips? Don't they rely on the money they earn them self?

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tips are the money they earn themselves. restaurant servers, for example... Restaurants spend a lot of their money on food and accomidations for guests, they only pay their servers around $2-5/hr, they can not rely on strictly that to make a living.

@Jake...minimum wage, and server minimum wage are 2 different things, employers are legally able to pay servers 2.25/hr, that is server mimimum wage, because they work for tips

1 year ago

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In the United States, tipping servers in customary but ofcourse depends on the quality of service you recieve. The actual wages that servers get paid is very little, therefore a large part of their income is in the form of tips.

In other parts of the world, Europe for example, it is not customary to tip servers. This is because servers in Europe are paid very generous wages.

You can look at the American system as a sort of merit based approach that helps ensure that customers get good service, because the server's tip depends on it.

by Hobble D. Hoy - 1 year ago

Knowing that servers receive tips, their employers underpay them, minimum wage, some shady operators pay even less. IT is a more direct way to provide feedback on the quality of service instead of filling in some survey for for the manager to read.

by Jake - 1 year ago