Patent searchs?? really need help!!?

It says for a beginer with a invention. Its best to hire someone to do a full search of prior patents. To see if it can be patented or if it has already been made in the prior years. I tried google search for someone who does patent searchs for profit. I cant do it myself so id likw to hire someone. What are they called and how can I find them.

Thank u in advance for your help :)

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Try "invention clearance search" and avoid any that say, "invention submission", since that would be a conflict of interest (they want your money whether or not your invention is ever patented).

also, "Prior art search" and "Patentability search".

Other related terms: "Patent clearance", "freedom-to-operate", aimed more at determining if your making using or selling a product will infringe anyone ELSE's patents in your country.

Many patent law firms have good relations with invention clearance search firms or may even do it in-house.

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