need some clever thinkers for a slogan?

I have a website where college kids can post whether they found a book necessary for the classes they have taken.

Basically you can search for the class you are going to be attending and see if past students found the book necessary before spending your hard earned money.

Anyways I want to add a page to the website encouraging students to spread the word about this website. The more people using it, the more reliable the data will be on whether certain books are necessary. So If more people use it, it will actually benefit students. Its a win, win situation for everyone.

This is my question!! I need a clever and catchy phrase will catch peoples attention. This will link to a page explaining all of this.

Typically when you ask people for help they assume you want their money or it will inconvience them. All im asking them to do is tell fellow students. And it will help themselves anyways.

So what catchy phrase can I use to get their attention without sounding like a salesman?

If I use "how you can help" it just seem so cliche. And most people wont be interested enough to click.

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Use your student power!

1 year ago

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Buy It?
Borrow It?
Burn It?

by thehotpants - 1 year ago

Sharin to carin,exciting thing you'll want to do!

I have no Idea seriously. But good luck with your web!

by Christine - 1 year ago