Are electronics from real?

I want to try to get a camera

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it's real but the problem is that they charge you $60 just for signing up with them. You'd be better off shopping at site like Beezid, one that doesn't charge you for nothing and actually the only site that you are guaranteed to win an auction if you make a bid purchase.

1 year ago

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I recall one person who resorted to using the "buy now" option which puts wasted bid money toward a purchase at more or less retail price, had gotten an iPad which turned out to be last years model. They maintain a BBB rating where the biggest complaint is the $60 signup deposit.

You understand it's more of a gamble than an auction there...

by Jake - 1 year ago

You have to pay a lot for each bid, and for each bid you almost never win.
Its pretty much gambling.

by Akiva - 1 year ago