What are some modeling companies/agencies that are legit and not scamming?

I just found out that Barbizan was one of them. What are some agencies that aren't cons?

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There are so many legitimate agencies but even more scammers. It would help if you listed where you lived as agencies won't even look at you if you live more than 100 miles of their office. I could give you a list of 30 legitimate agencies in NY or LA but they won't do you any good if you live in Chicago or Atlanta or Dallas
Start with the directory on and search by State/City
The Featured listings are all verified to be legitimate. The 'other' agencies on the other tab are mostly legit but have not yet been verfied by the site. For example if you look under Chicago, you'll see that both Ford and BMG are listed under Other, but they are definitely legitimate agencies and their head offices in NYC are under the Featured tab

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