Can i use a celeberty's name in reguards to my info product?

I want to create an informational product that outlines a system that is my own, but similar in style to one used by a celebrity. Is it alright to use their name at all in my product, even to just show similarities if I state a disclaimer that the system is not their exact system and they do not endorse or support my product?
For example:

"From Shadow Party to Shadow Government: George Soros and the Effort to Radically Change America" uses George Soros' name and life, but is not written by him

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Could get sued, celebs tend to be protective of their brand, don't want their endorsing power diluted.

Referencing another system is passing in your book is more acceptable than using their name in any ad copy.

By the way the FTC is more closely watching endorsements.

1 year ago

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You have to ask for permission first...sorry.

by Twixie - 1 year ago

You will need to obtain permission and for someone well known they would want a fee paid as use of their name is how many make a living.

by Neil - 1 year ago