what would i put on this flyer?

im fifteen and i since I've played piano for a number of years and i need money i would teach piano to beginners. so i was about to make flyers to post around and stuff but im not sure what to put on it. do i put my age ? my experience? a stupid question to grab attention? please help unfortunately i have a large debt with the library and i would like to pay it off soon. so can you tell me what to put on it please.

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Find other flyers as examples.

You could mention: Young instructor with n years experience.

Local teacher finder. (Must be 18)



Looking for a new, rewarding hobby? Hoping to re‐start something you wish you’d kept up with long ago? Need an extracurricular activity for your child? I offer affordable piano instruction in your home—I’ll come to you! Whether you’re a total beginner or already have some musical experience, I’d love to help you experience the joy of playing piano and learning about music.

Adult students welcome!

An excellent way to introduce children to the joys of music, and at the same time give them a solid grounding in basic music skills including:

Reading music notation
Rhythm skills
Basic harmony

Skills which will become applicable to any instrument they choose to study in their future!

I am:

Master's Candidate in Early Music Performance on Recorder at the Longy School of Music
Have studied piano and harpsichord
Active performer on recorder in the Boston area. Member of:
Cantata à Trois
Experienced teaching children, references available upon request


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