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    question about a good source for wholesale items and selling stuff?

    i would like to know where a good source of wholesale items is. preferably like key chain flashlights and small stuff like that. im looking for the cheapest price. i would also like to know if i put 200 keychin flashlights (for example) on ebay.. would they sell? lets say im buying them for $2 and selling them for $4. answers are appreciated!
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    Price competition on Ebay is pretty aggressive, I understand that sellers may make only few dollars profit on expensive electronics, check the going prices for keychAin flashlights on Ebay, I suspect you can't double your cost. For those with the expertise and nerve to deal directly with Chinese suppliers, the massive Alibaba.com marketplace has everything under the sun, some manufacturers have big min purchase requirements. This is a collection of different suppliers, some good some scam artists, there's some sort of Gold seal some sellers have paid extra for which might show at least they are bigger players. For those worth some operating capitol there are 'certified' wholesale supplier lists you can get for a one time membership fee, WordWideBrands.com is the biggie, they also have some nice free guide booklets available whether you sign up or not. Salehoo.com is a (New Zealand?) site offering similar information.
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