craigslist trade need help please!?

Hi so I traded my MacBook Pro for an iMac on Craigslist. Not only that I gave the buyer an external disk drive worth 200 and an SSD inside the macbook worth 300 and a Ram upgrade about 50 bucks. I also gave him apple care unitl the year 2015 with it for his iMac. He kept every accessorie that came with the iMac he just gave me the pure computer. He's now stating that there the macbook only has 1 hour battery when fully charged. The MacBook Pro was perfect... It's been almost 2 weeks since we made the trade. In case he wants a trade back should I do it? I already upgraded the iMac. Ohh and I also gave 100 bucks more for the transaction... Just want to be clear. Thanks!

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Tell him to piss off

1 year ago