Does anyone get the newspaper anymore?

And in what country are you in?
I think we have a newspaper car person in our area.
I think 1 person out of 100 gets the paper.

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Yes. Small town newspapers are not online, so it's the only way to know what is going on in your community. You probably won't believe this, but not everybody has Internet service available or a computer. My brother lives in a town of around 600 people and delivers over 1,000 papers (from a city 40 miles away) per day. His route is about 130 miles per day. I live 20 miles away from him and we have Internet service available obviously, but I still like to read the newspaper.

From not so rural Montana

1 year ago

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Yeah The Sun newspaper ....
Im in Ireland

by TommyApache - 1 year ago

I see them laying in the ditch sometimes so somebody must be paying for those drain cloggers. And there's always the ones you can buy at Starbucks, but nobody actually pays for them. If you still read a paper newspaper, you're a little behind, get an iPad.

by tylerthehockeychef - 1 year ago