How can I get mylikes to send me things to advertise?

I would like to make youtube videos but only to advertise. I've heard that I can earn money using mylikes and they can send me things to advertise. So I would like to know how it works.
It would help if I had more detailed answers...

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Just glancing at the site mylikes appears to be a social site advertising broker, I doubt that their advertisers are providing any samples, but it may be a convenient place to identify those companies buying promotion. Typically you have to get your own products to review until you develop quite a following, those with thousands of subscribers are probably sent some stuff, as are the top respected review web sites.

You should be learning about affiliate marketing in general, identifying the right combination of a good paying affiliate product with decent sales rates can earn 10 times more than just random reviews.

Don't worry about revenue at first, make reviews mainly beneficial to your viewers to help speed the process of developing a good reputation and following.

1 year ago

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You heard wrong.

by Uncommon Sense - 1 year ago