Strange Amazon Adverts Help?

Whenever I see an Amazon Advert it is advertising to sell something I have previously searched for or looks at. Is this what it is suppose to do (advertise what the computer viewing it has been searching for).

I have recently search for a tripod and lens filters, and the adverts show the exact same tripod i looked at AND filters..

or do they just like selling camera stuff?

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Nope. It's very deliberate. And Amazon is one of the most sophisticated in the business.

What happens is that when you visit a site and look for something, that site may put a "cookie"--a small piece of text--onto your computer. It says what you were looking for and when you were there. Often, it expires after a period of time. See for more information.

Then, when you browse to a different site, but one that is set up to read cookies, it sees that you were looking for "X." And so it presents ads for "X." It doesn't know whether you bought the item or not; it's assuming you didn't, so it's trying to sell you the same thing or something very similar.

Your friends could each visit the exact same site as you did, and each one would see a different combination of ads, based on where they'd surfed before.

Hope that helps.

1 year ago