My Writing Job: Legit or Scam?

Hello. I want to know if this writing site was legit. I have never heard of it before and I didn't even see this question in search so I had to ask here before doing something silly. Thanks.

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It's only 5 months old, typical of small or shady operators they use a paid proxy to conceal the real site owner info.

not many complaints

Try these article brokers,,

1 year ago

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At $34 per person who signs up, if they scam 1000 people, they walk away with $34,000.

NEVER pay to get a 'job.'

by Quick Answers - 1 year ago

This is a loser of a site.... All the moderator does is collect writing jobs from other sites like, freelancer etc.. and posts it on and

Many of the links are out of date or non-existent. Don't waste your money on this site. It's just as simple to search for writer job sites online.

I signed up for their service thinking they had NEW and DIFFERENT writing jobs than those I saw on other sites. When I realized they didn't I immediately asked for my money back.

The only way to contact them is by email so they went unanswered and my Vanilla Visa payment went through a couple days later. Don't waste your money or time with these sites.

by SM Holdings - 6 months ago