Do we need any new websites?

Hi. I'm studying web designing, and it could be awesome to make my own website, just to test my skills. But do we need anything? I feel like every website we need has been made. Do you think I could make a website, that could be popular, because it's a new thing, like when Facebook and YouTube come out?

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Why don't you start out with a smaller project at first, maybe start a website for your family. It would be something they would all enjoy. Or volunteer to build a site for a group or club at your school. These types of organizations typically do not have a lot of extra money for a website but usually desperately need one.

Grab yourself an HTML editing program such as CoffeeCup HTML Editor to practice. The program offers a split screen preview window which renders your code in real time this way you can see how your scripting changes will effect your page.

1 year ago

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Why not? any sort of website may be popular. but it will be full of huge content. design & outlook is additional support. you can do what is comfortable for you.

by Mohammad Hossain - 1 year ago