How to promote my Etsy shop?

My Etsy shop is called Auntniecys ( and I don't have a ton of stuff on their right now but there are some super cute things on their but I still haven't had a sale. Any ideas of how to promote it? Thanks!!

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As your store is mainly image based I'd say you best FREE option would be to open a Pinterest account and start driving traffic from it to your products.
You could do the same with Facebook, opening a fan page presenting your products.

Additionally, open accounts on Flickr, Photobucket and other image sharing sites and share your products.

Make a slide presentation featuring your products and share it on document sharing sites. Convert the slide to video and share it on video sharing sites. Make a short video about how you make your products.

Link all accounts to your main Etsy store, and to each other. Link individual images to their respective URL.

Remain active on Facebook, Pinterest and other social sites. share relevant content with others, find fanpages or popular boards and build your reputation.

Additionally, after visiting your store I noticed you haven't done much SEO. Do some keywords research and find out what keywords best describe your products. Optimize each product and make sure you include the chosen keyword in the title, tags and description.

Lastley, build some links by finding relevant blogs and forums. This will push you up the search engines rankings while driving targeted traffic to your site.
Hope that helps


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Email marketing is one of the easiest online marketing strategies that online entrepreneurs can use.

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