Planning to start a email marketing campaign?

I want a decent email marketing tool to start off a email marketing campaign. Any discount would be icing on the cake.. Any good email marketing software I can buy and save some money at the same time?

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there are many options online...

google your keyword
search some good webmaster forums, and discuss it there

for the rest of others

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There's a software called "Best Bulk Emailer" and I have used it to send bulk emails. Its pretty cheap and convenient in comparison to other such software:
There's a 20% discount available on this software right now.

by SeekingLove - 1 year ago

Hey, try iKode Newsletter Software which is an web based email marketing software. It can help to design a template, send emails, people can subscribe through your website, double opt in option, track who opens the emails, setup automatic email campaigns, import members via csv, users can unsubscribe themselves and the like.

As the Christmas is just around the corner. iKode software provides 30% off. Take action at: . Any issues, you can connect the support staff over live chat.

Hope this can help you.


by Brownsithily - 1 year ago

I been using email marketing for 2 years now & it has certainly has become major part for my promotion
tool, Recently I have bought huge email database from a site which gave me "Send blaster Pro" best mail sending software for free, It's really easy to use. You can bought it from there site or you can bought the email list like I have get it for free at


by Sahil - 1 year ago