Testing marketing methods for a new restaurant...details inside?

I am looking for a few different ways to test a new restaurant coming up that will serve Ethnic food. The methods I have so far are to create a mock-up of the website and advertise on a small scale to see how many people would actually visit the website, pay-per-click advertisements and A/B testing. Are there any other testing methods out there I could use to attract customers?

Thank you. I am asking you my potential customers! Thank you.

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Here's my issue with focusing on online advertising for a physical store. You don't make money through your website, you make money through selling your food... physical sales. So focus more on sending out coupons for let's say Buy 1 meal, get one FREE. Don't get me wrong, PPC advertising is great! But you don't make money on your site. It sounds like what you have advertising wise is good enough! Now if you go with Google PPC, you can target customers by where they live, which is great! Also once you create your site, have it Search Engine Optimized! This is basically FREE ADVERTISING!

1 year ago