Is it possible to sell .pdf ebooks online ?

So I've made a book and I want to sell it's .pdf file version online.
I tried using ebay but it said the file has to be accompanied by a CD or a DVD or tangible material.
So I wanted to ask if there are any other websites to sell the ebook on.
Is any good ? or is it possible to sell it on ebay and I'm just missing something ?
PS: I live in the southern hemisphere, so burning CDs or DVDs and mailing them would cost like 2 times the original price of the book. So it's out of question :S :S

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Actually, if you publish your book on (FREE--totally) they will sell it for you through You can also create an e-book for the Kindle on the same website.

All free. No charge to publish. No charge to sell. You earn royalties every time one is sold through Amazon. They can step you through the entire process on their website--also FREE.


1 year ago

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Why not just burn your ebook onto a CD if someone wants to buy it? You can buy 50 blank CDs for about $12, and it would cost less than a dollar to mail each one.

by rtfm - 1 year ago

Why not make your own website for a few bucks?

by Ryan M - 1 year ago

Absolutely! There are tons of people who already do this. You could set up your own website to sell them as well as sell them on as a kindle book or through a site like Clickbank.

by Salvador - 1 year ago