How much should I sell my American girl?

Ok she is a just like you and two other dolls all together how much should I sell them together 1 American girl 2 my generation 3 idk how much should I sell them together

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Used American Girl dolls (in good condition, I imagine) are worth up to 60 - 70% of their initial value. I am not sure about the My Generation dolls but their initial price is about 30 dollars so I don't think you'll get much from them, sorry.

1 year ago

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I would go on ebay and look for similar ones. And Jesus, use real language when you ask a question, not crap like idk, and put together a coherent sentence that doesn't start with OK. You aren't texting with your idiot friends at the mall, you are asking questions you hope a knowledgeable adult will answer.

by I Like Turtles - 1 year ago