Is this UGG retailer website legit?

I've been wanting to get uggs for a while now but the price of $155 discourages me from getting it. I've been searching online and i've came across this website
where they're selling the same exact Ugg chestnut classic short boots for $52.99. thats a huge price difference compared to 155 on zappos, journeys, etc. It looks safe to me but it looks too good to be true? even the name of the website seems kind of off but is this a legit site or should i avoid it?

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It's highly likely that they are selling Chinese knockoffs made from whatever animal was lying around.

The web site is only 2 weeks old, registered to a bogus US address with Chinese words.

A couple others on the same file server:

It's too new to be listed by the counterfeit reporting agencies given by Uggs Austrailia uk

UGG authorized online dealers

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Hello, Janessa. Hope everything is well with you. Looks like you have stumbled upon a very new website. I did a bit of investigation regarding the said website and found out that they have not been around even for a month. To give you a better idea, I have compiled some very interesting facts about the said website below.

With the aid of online reputation tools, I was able to track down their site's registration. The website was created and registered last 1st of November 2012 and is due to expire a year after, 1st of November 2013. Looks like they have no plans of sticking around a bit longer? Probably. Most high-risk sites would usually register their domain for only a very short period of time. This is to avoid the authorities from cracking them down and detect their unscrupulous activities. After their domain registration expires, they will switch to a new domain name and prey on unsuspecting consumers anew. Further details regarding their registration is shown below.

Name: kb hhd
Address: xiamenzhongxin #28
new jersey, HI 07646
United States
Phone No: +1.8888063677

I do not know about you, but these details does not really make sense to me. I mean, look at the address. Is there such a place in the United States? I guess, none. No phone numbers where you can call them, just an email address, which who knows may not even work if you try to get in touch with them. As with all new businesses , I suggest that you take care and if necessary get in contact with the owners before placing an order of value. This site appears to have a high-risk country associated with it. Certain countries are listed as being high risk because of the high percentage of online fraud or tendency to send fake/replica items.

There are a lot of reputable and legitimate sites out there, where you can purchase the item of your choice without the risk of your identity being stolen, and being ripped off of your hard earned cash. Nowadays, there are tons of sites who are selling imitations or fake merchandise. Granting the possibility that you may get the item you purchased from them; But is it within the quality that you have expected? I'm afraid not. Some will not even bother sending you the merchandise after you have made the payment.

I firmly suggest that you stay away from that site and set your eyes someplace else. If possible, purchase the merchandise from its official site or its authorized dealers. Better yet, purchase it from the link I have provided below. It is the UGG's official website.

One more thing, If you are somewhat skeptical about a site that you come across, there are site reputation tools out there where you can check whether a website is legitimate or not. You can also check through our site if you wish to check on a website's reputation.

This site, however, is not yet in our list. But thanks to you, it was brought to our attention and we will be sure to include them in our next list.

I do hope I was able to answer your question, Janessa. If there is anything else you would like to know, then feel free to get back to me. I will gladly do what I can to help you out.

Until then, shop safely!


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