Is anyone using the Buzz Bundle social tool?

The same company that developed Powersuite SEO software has just released a social management tool called Buzz Bundle -

I wonder if anyone has tried it yet, because, as a Powersuite subscriber, I'm eligible to the 75% discount on Buzz Bundle. I'm afraid this offer will not last long, so, if I were to buy the Bundle, the best time to do it would be now.
Hence my question - has anyone tried to create or manage social accounts with it? Did your posts get actually posted? I'm not new to SEO, but pretty new to SMM.

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If you're an old member, you can try the full version for 2 weeks. Not the longest trial, but that should be enough to check what it does and how :)


1 year ago

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I haven't tried but I really do want to.

by Gabrielle - 1 year ago

I suspect link assistant used buzz bundle to post this question. LOL

... i still plan to try the free download though... ;)

by KnowledgeForest - 1 year ago

I'm pretty sure a lot of people are going to start abusing this to create fake profiles which Google won't like.

If you want a proper social management tool, there are several that will help you create thriving Facebook and Twitter communities:

- Hootsuite
- Tweetdeck
- SocialMotus

And so on.


by Amelie Cote - 1 year ago