how big are sales on black friday?

Like how big are the discounts?

I want my dad to get me this camera, So if he went on black friday how much would it be?

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Google is your best friend.

Google "Black Friday ads."

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Black Friday is in November, the day after Thanksgiving Day that marks the unofficial beginning of the Christmas shopping period. The majority of significant sellers have large promotional sales to kick off the vacation shopping period.

Black Friday has actually ended up being that popular in standard traditionals establishments that individuals line up for hours and there is lots of push and shoving as well as violence. Why would you wait in a long line, be pressed and shoved just to save a few dollars when online websites like Amazon have enormous Black Friday sales and it's a anxiety complimentary environment.

Amazon now has incredible deals every day for a week leading up to Black Friday that it terms Black Friday Offer Week and culminates in Cyber Monday. Black Friday deals cover all shopping classifications however Cyber Monday is particularly focussed on digital items and electronics. It is Cyber Monday when items like Games Consoles and Kindle e-readers, Kindle Fire tablets is slashed.

Check out Amazon's Black Friday Offer Week specials.

If your searching for Amazon's deal outside of Black Friday Week then check out Gold Box Deals at


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