Trying to invent stuff for money and need to know what to invent.?

Hello. Im trying to get rich so i decided to invent something but I just dont know what to invent. I trying to summit my invention ideas to a few places i found online but they said that it would cost about 30k to make my idea a reality but i dont that much money. I was hoping i could invent something so great that people would want to buy it staight up without me having to pain anything. I would like to know whats something that people would want that bad would be.
It cant just be any invention either because those cost money.

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You should totally invent a teleportation device. I would pay you substantial amounts of money if you could sell me one.

1 year ago

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That's why its called inventing because you create it YOURSELF

So ahh

by Sir - 1 year ago

Sometimes the best ideas for inventions come from the simplest of needs...
Look around you, and let the ideas come...

by John Jingleheimer - 1 year ago

ok bro, this is gonna sound really stupid! Hover shoes! there's this guy on youtube... Household Hacker look up "how to build hover shoes" on his profile... it hasnt been "officially" invented i think but the way it works, is there are magnets that push off of the ground against like metal "beams" and stuff under the ground. so if you can possibly find a way to PERFECT this, ur good to go.


by shields226 - 1 year ago