how many items can a win on quibids with 100 bids?

it cost 60.00 for 100 bids is it worth it and will i be able to get multiple items for this?

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It cost 60 dollars for a starter pack on quibids. That means you get 100 bids. Each item you bid on cost 0.69 cent that you have to pay for. Each bid you make you have to pay for.

Is it worth it? It's up to you.

I personally like eBay better. Why? Because I can bid on items with out worrying about ohh I have to pay even if I didn't win. eBay doesn't charge me 0.69 cent for each bid I make. It's up to you mate.

1 year ago

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You are not winning anything at this site.
All you are doing is buying junk you do not need.
You are wasting money. Not winning anything.

by Silly Goose - 1 year ago

The site charges you for every bid - even if you don't win. Every bid is only a very tiny amount over the previous price - so that iPad is currently listed for $10 - your bid will be $10.05... so of course someone will be right there to overbid you. Each bid also adds some time to the clock to make sure that there's time for someone else to overbid you.

At the end, that means you'll most likely end up paying $60 for 100 bids and win absolutely nothing.

by malica - 1 year ago