Possible survey questions for a university coffee kiosk proposal?

It's part of a class project. The survey's optional so there's no cheating going on lol. We're gathering information for a proposal involving coffee kiosks on campus that may also serve tea (snacks as well, but we already have info on that). The survey will be sent out to all students. I have a list of questions already, but I could use some advice on which I might want to take out or any I might want to add. Here are the questions I already have:

How old are you?
What is your major?
Do you drink coffee?
Why do you drink coffee?
How often do you drink coffee?
On average, how many cups of coffee do you drink each day?
Do you brew your own coffee or buy from retailers?
What time of day do you most often drink coffee?
Do you drink specialty coffee (e.g. latte, cappucino)?
Do you drink flavored coffee?
Do you enjoy seasonal coffees?
On average, how much money do you spend on a single cup of coffee?
Do you drink tea?
Why do you drink tea?
Do you prefer tea over coffee?
On average, how many cups of tea will you drink each day?
How satisfied are you with the current availability of coffee on campus? ( This one may need to be nixed or reworded)
How interested would you be in multiple coffee kiosks on campus?

Each question has a few multiple choice or check box answers. If you'd like me to post those as well, then please let me know. I don't want to make the survey very long since it'll be hard enough to get students to respond to the email and in-person surveys. I don't want them to ditch it half-way through. Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated.
As far as age goes, there are students of all ages, from high school kids taking some college classes to people in their 70s and we'll be using it to make required charts. Majors too.

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People need an incentive to fill out a survey.Perhaps a coupon for cents off or a free cup of coffee with your potential coffee supplier.

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