Too good to be true? Craigslist?

I am selling a hadrosaur egg on Craigslist. Apparently the man can't walk so he was going to send a shipper but then he sent me this email:
Thanks so much for writing back. I'm sorry my friend won't be able to come see it anymore as planned. he is supposed to be doing other businesses so he wont be chanced coming for check up anymore.I believe I can still go ahead and buy it right? I really need it.I'll mail you an official bank check certified for the quoted price. Any repairs will be on me bearing the consequences of not seeing before buying. I'll be taking care of the pickup/handling/shipping also. You do not have to worry about the shipping process and cost.I'll add the shipping funds to the sale price and have you handle the delivery including all shipping arrangements. I will be very glad and much delighted if it can be sold to me.
Email me back with your name, phone number and address to get the check mailed out to you. Thanks a lot.
I'll be waiting to hear from you soon.

Should i trust him? The egg is worth 350, but it is still valuable to me and I don't want it to be sent to a criminal trying resell my fossil....

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Absolutely do NOT give the person your information! I smell a 'rat'.. I deal alot on craigs list..


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This is a common scam. you must live on a desert island if you have not heard of it.
Ignore this person.

by DR + Mrs Bears face - 1 year ago

The emails you received when you posted your ad told you not to do this.

Craigslist is ONLY for local, face-to-face, cash transactions. Period. There are warnings all over the site for this. If you want to ship it, use Ebay, Amazon, or some other site that supports non-local transactions. Craigslist is the online version of the local newspaper classifieds, emphasis on LOCAL.

Change the egg in your emails to "faberge egg" and the buyer won't bat an eye. Ask if they want the supercilious left attached, and that you'd be happy to include it for free as you don't need it for the amphibious. They'll be fine with that.

It's a blatant scam, and there are warnings all over the site to deal locally, in cash, with people you meet. That's what Craigslist is for. Anything else? 99% of the time, it's a scam. The other 1% they're either stupid or desperate and you'd want to avoid them anyways.

by Nada Chance - 1 year ago