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    George Montagu Brown - Predator / Predator live Stream Scam / Predator System?

    Just want to add since WF has closed up all the George Brown Scam about his new Predator system, Predator live system. And selling it for an stupid amount. The program is practically this! -> Do not buy it for $797 - its bullshit. http://www.craigslistemailharvester.com/download.php Anyone else who knows about this, respond to keep the innocent ouch free from $800 **** wads! I thought I trusted George Brown as well. Just search up George Brown Predator, HE is the predator!
    6 months ago 3 Answers

    Best Answer

    Yes, he is a scam-artist. And anyone who bought his "program" was an *aspiring* scam-artist. So now you know what it feels like. P.S. the site you posted is owned by "Ke Wen" aka wenke.bj(a)gmail.com in Beijing (another scam-artist) and has nothing to do with George Brown.
    3 years ago

    Other Answers

    • is fake?

      by Bryan - 19 hours ago

    • Yep - sure is a sad situation when someone who appears to have worked hard to build up a rep succumbs to the 'quick buck' at the expense of those who believe (bele Reading A":"27.30%","Maori Reave yet to begin in the IM world and like all others, have been plagued with emails promising me the world. I've been watching George for the last year or two and there was something about him that made me feel I could trust what he said. So, I purchased Predator at $800 PLUS, I also fell for the "get a 2nd licence at half price" pitch. I got that one for my son to use and commence his IM home biz. OOPS! - not a great start into the world of IM! For a starter, I got my KeyCode but after a number of support tickets raised and no response, 48hrs, still no KeyCode for the additional package. Predator turned out to be faulty in testing 'Yahoo' emails, and then to my surprise, whilst it initially searched the sources, when I tried again while following a training module, it returned nothing, nowhere. Now, you would think that if I searched Laptops for sale on CL for LA & Orange county, I would get a few, but nothing. So, off went support ticket #4 (no responses to previous tickets) Then out of the blue I got a new licence code. Loaded that but got error message advising I had loaded the program on a different computer - not! Anyway, I sent a request for a refund for the 2nd product as licence not received and for the 1st product because it didn't work. Guess what? No response to that. Reading WF, I see many experienced IM's and beginners have been either caught with this or offered their opinions as to it's value and/or potential. I have been trying to give GB the benefit of the doubt but when he followed up in the past 24hrs with 2 more relaunches (that I am aware of) knowing full well that there were multiple unresolved problems. errors and concerns about it, well as he would say in his lingo, "that's bang outta order" At that point, the little amount of hope and respect I held for him went out the window. So, I filed a refund dispute with PayPal - sadly, I had experience with PayPal previously for a refund which went on and on and finally just got closed by PayPal with no resolve. I shall now spend many unpaid hours chasing a refund. Surely, somewhere in this industry, there must be a reasonably honest straight shooter from whom I can purchase a product and/or training modules so I can get into the world of Internet Marketing. Cheers Bryan

      by Bryan - 19 hours ago

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