How can i promote my business?

I have just started up a Home Improvements company. We do Roof Renovation. Driveway & Patio Restoration. Landscape Gardening and Removals. How can i appear in search engines such as google or yahoo on the first page of results?? How can i get my website out there and let people now about my company??

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My name is Ali and I would love to get started helping you. Please let me know if you are in need of assistance with your business advertising.


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Well, for a start i would re-think the domain name-those long tail domain names are terrible for SEO, also, you need to have a blog section where you post regular little stories, this 'pings' the search engines regularly, Run a Google Ad words campaign for local searches, it is worth the investment, this routes traffic to your website-i see you have the Google + badge, have you also set up your google places account? This needs to be managed, like a Facebook account. these days local business needs to get into Twitter & Facebook, YouTube is great as a free video advertising medium, make a 5 min video upload it to your company youtube channel. A multiple strategey approach is needed-marketing online is a full time job.


by Michael - 2 years ago

Here are some free web marketing tips.

Not all web marketing needs to cost money. Aside from website submissions, there are a number of things that web marketers can do that are free, though they may be rather time-consuming. Other marketing tactics are relatively inexpensive, and are often well worth the investment.

Follow these basic steps to market your website and business.

Free Web Marketing Tips

by Emma - 2 years ago

We've all grown up with advertising. TV, radio, billboards, pop ups,'s everywhere, and you can't escape it. Now stop and think for a many times have you clicked on an advertisement online, or heard a commercial on the radio that has made you run out and buy something? Chances are you haven't, or you haven't that often. Is this a cost-effective way for businesses to promote themselves? Free advertising can be a better way to promote your business. It's more effective, costs much less, and won't ruin your reputation like high cost ads can. Here, you'll learn some of the techniques people are using to utilize free advertising to their advantage.


by Earlene Gibbon - 2 years ago