Typing or Writing Blog content for pay?

I have some Internet Businesses that will provide me some long term income. In the mean time I still have my "day job". If I have to go into the office one more time I may lose my mind. Does anyone know of any REAL online ways to make money from home either typing or writting blog content? I've been online for years and I've seen all of the scams. So I'm not going to send anyone 30 or 40 bucks. I'm looking for real work for real pay. Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

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The online freelance marketplaces like,, have plenty of writing jobs up for bid, establishing a reputation and a track record of satisfied customers helps one win bids, native English speakers can charge a better price that ESL types in the 3rd world who ofter write filler content just for the search engines somewhere around $3 for a 450 word article seems standard, expert authors writing for authority site can earn more than 10x that amount.

There are also article brokerages that save the headaches of finding and bidding for freelance jobs, pays perhaps $2.43 per 500 word article at first, after receiving 25 positive reviews one may earn $4.05 per article. is another possibility with prices dependent on the quality level for the articles.

Seasoned copywriters can earn up to 4 figures writing sales pages for major sellers.

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You are just going to find scams.
You are also going to get many scammers answering you here. Stay away.

by Silly Goose - 2 years ago

Lots of people on fiverr are making money with your skill set.. or sign up for odesk and offer your services for more.
How about starting your own blog? Lots of people making the most money that way. Here's one that made over $3000 in one month. Not bad for just blogging.

by Kesha - 2 years ago

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by Andi Kopral - 2 years ago