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    How would I sell as poster on ebay?

    I want to sell a movie poster on ebay, it's one of those giant bus stop/subway posters (roughly 4x6 feet). I'm kinda new to ebay, usually getting a friend to buy/sell things for me (I had no idea what I was doing when I tried) so I was wondering how I would ship this item? I know I'd have to put it in one of those tubes, but what do I pick on ebay to do this and get the correct postage amount etc.?
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    When you create a listing there is a shipping section. Be sure to fill in everything. Yes you do use a cardboard tube that you buy and shipping economy is by Media Mail in the U.S., otherwise Priority. Make sure you weigh the tube with the poster in it, and put the weight in the shipping section with both choices for shipping for the buyer. You can make the address label by hand or use Ebay or use the postal website. Both will take the cost from your Paypal account. You can list it in movie memorabilia or just enter the type of item in the blank box and it will give you a choice of categories when you create the listing. If you want immediate payment better say that in the listing. Dont forget to indicate if you want to ship international or not.
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    • Hi ya, You can check out Royal Mail (http://www.royalmail.com/price-finder). You can use their system to work out the costings. Weigh your item using your home scales (weigh in grams, the poster in the tube). Use that weight to enter on the Royal Mail site. When you get the price add on the cost for the tube and say another few pound then you done. You should be able to see 2 prices 1st class and 2nd class not sure of this though. Or you can take the parcel to your local post office ask them to weigh it and give you a price for 1st and 2nd class postage. I hope this helps Have a great evening J

      by jwgreetings - 4 hours ago

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