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    why do salesmen annoy me so much?

    Whenever I go to a store, the workers there always pressure me into buying more things and it really gets me annoyed and makes me feel like never coming back to the store again...why can't they just let me go about my business?
    a few seconds ago 7 Answers

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    State clearly "I like to be left alone. I do not need any help". They will stay far away from you. And makes shopping a pleasure.
    3 years ago

    Other Answers

    • If you want to be left alone, when they first ask if they can help, say "Thank you, but I'm just browsing". It's a polite way of brushing them off.

      by Sophie - 17 hours ago

    • Obviously, it's their job and it's what they were told to do....

      by ? - 17 hours ago

    • Salesmen are after your money. Of course it's annoying on any level. What gets to me is fast food. I asked for a breakfast croissant, OJ and then I said, I'll eat that here. They say "do you want hashed browns?" I say "no" they say "will that be for here or to go" BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      by Dee Cee - 17 hours ago

    • You can always expect people to act out of their own best interests. Do they get paid a commision? Maybe they have a stake in the company, if the company sells more, then they make money. Or maybe, if they don't approach you their boss will yell at them. Take your pick. I'd suggest, you just say, "Thank you, but I can find it on my own." And let it go. Don't get worked up over it, and try to see their point of view.

      by morgan - 17 hours ago

    • So if you're a salesman and a good part of your pay depends on your sales, you really would stand back and not speak to customers? I don't think so

      by Ed Fox - 17 hours ago

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