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    Does it cost money to post something on craigslist?

    I am at the point when i have to read the "Terms of Use" it says this i dont understand it. If you post a message that (1) impersonates any person or entity; (2) falsely states or otherwise misrepresents your affiliation with a person or entity; or (3) that includes personal or identifying information about another person without that person's explicit consent, you agree to pay craigslist one thousand dollars ($1,000) for each such message. This provision does not apply to Content that constitutes lawful non-deceptive parody of public figures. b. If craigslist establishes limits on the frequency with which you may access the Service, or terminates your access to or use of the Service, you agree to pay craigslist one hundred dollars ($100) for each message posted in excess of such limits or for each day on which you access craigslist in excess of such limits, whichever is higher. c. If you send unsolicited email advertisements to craigslist email addresses or through craigslist computer systems, you agree to pay craigslist twenty five dollars ($25) for each such email. d. If you post Content in violation of the TOU, other than as described above, you agree to pay craigslist one hundred dollars ($100) for each Item of Content posted. In its sole discretion, craigslist may elect to issue a warning before assessing damages. e. If you are a Posting Agent that uses the Service in violation of the TOU, in addition to any liquidated damages under clause (d), you agree to pay craigslist one hundred dollars ($100) for each and every Item you post in violation of the TOU. A Posting Agent will also be deemed an agent of the party engaging the Posting Agent to access the Service (the "Principal"), and the Principal (by engaging the Posting Agent in violation of the TOU) agrees to pay craigslist an additional one hundred dollars ($100) for each Item posted by the Posting Agent on behalf of the Principal in violation of the TOU. f. If you aggregate, display, copy, duplicate, reproduce, or otherwise exploit for any purpose any Content (except for your own Content) in violation of these Terms without craigslist's express written permission, you agree to pay craigslist three thousand dollars ($3,000) for each day on which you engage in such conduct.
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    MOST ads on CraigsList are free, but there are one or two categories for which they charge a fee, usually if you are advertising your business or service, like, say, if you want to advertise your computer repair service or something, there is a small fee for that, but, otherwise, most all the other ads are free. And, by the way, this is why no one ever actually READS those TOS documents, they're totally confusing. Good luck!... :-D
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    Other Answers

    • It's free, but they only allow 4 small images, so you will want to post your images to a image host like www.listhd.com

      by Neal - 3 hours ago

    • No,it is totally FREE. Be welcome to use it!

      by schitikoff - 3 hours ago

    • This is self explanatory. Those fees are for violating their terms of use. Most ads do not carry listing fees.

      by David14 - 3 hours ago

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