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    What are the benefits and drawbacks of incorporating marketing into the sales function of an organization?

    Do you think that marketing should be included as part of the sales organization within a company? Why or why not?
    7 months ago 1 Answer

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    From my experience, I don't see how this would work out. Marketing and sales have such different functions and goals that it would be counterproductive to have one existing as a part of another. The goals of the marketing function should be to develop a company and/or product image on the market that makes it more identifiable, relate-able and desirable. Marketing should also be addressing any potential concerns and gaps the market may have regarding the product they provide, and streamline any customer touch-points so that it effectively engages the customers with the brand at every contact. Sales should be solely concerned with generating revenues and consistently finding leads to close on a number. In the most successful organizations, the head of marketing and the head of sales are usually of equal seniority and they would both report to perhaps a president of the division or a chief executive. Hope this helps.
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