best place to hang flyers?

im in a small town in ohio. weight loss, business opportunity, and vitamins. thanks guys!

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NOT on telephone poles, that's illegal. Ask inside every business with a street window if they would mind letting you put one up inside the glass, or if they have a bulletin board. Gas stations with minimarts inside. Laundromats and pizzerias have bulletin boards, usually. Also a gym, especially for the weight loss and vitamins.

5 years ago

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Maybe hang it near the town hall or some place that everyone sees

by sparkle - 5 years ago


by Posh - 5 years ago

The bathroom......

by lovergirl2008 - 5 years ago

somewhere that alot of ppl would go to.

by xXASHLEYXx - 5 years ago

If it's for weight loss, hang them at restaurants or grocery stores. You can even hang them in trees or other things near malls or schools. The others you can pretty much anywhere. Hope I helped !

by TeAmoBarça - 5 years ago

look for a place in your town that a lot of people go walking like for my town I would pick downtown.... a busy area is a good place for sure :)

by ☆Nicki ☆ - 5 years ago

Health and fitness flyers at local sporting events is a good idea. Business opportunities at the local social security office.

by Befree - 5 years ago

I would hang flyers outside of Bars, fast food places, movie theaters

by Fernando G - 5 years ago